Industrial Products

Miniplast packaging prides itself in being of high quality, produced under hygienic conditions, with ease of use, leak proof and very innovative.

We offer custom made plastic packaging solutions to our Industrial customers in the Food and Confectionary sector, Paint sector, Lubricants & Oil sector and Disinfectant sector.

Industrial Buckets

These come in sizes ranging from 20L to 1.6L, produced in translucent, white, black, gray or any other colour that can be created. These buckets are used to store a whole lot of things that one has use of.


This is perfect for storage of liquids. Perfect closing mechanism and is leak proof. Easy to handle, meets FDA standards and is ISO certified.

Multipurpose Containers

These are FDA approved and ISO certified products which can be used for packaging both edible and non-edible items. They are equipped with good closing mechanism and leak proof.

Tablet Containers

These products are usually used for the storage of ointment and powder form items.

All our products are made from high quality plastic materials and are FDA approved and ISO certified.